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Hello! I'm Bob Taylor, founder of RVforLess and a fellow RV'er. This website is all about saving you  a lot of money off the purchase of a new or used RV!

How does RVforLess work?
It's simple. I use my years of experience and my nationwide dealer connections to help you get a great price on a motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheeler or recreational vehicle. In some cases, I can save you tens of thousands of dollars off the MSRP! (See real-life samples below)

This is a FREE, no-risk service for you!
How is that possible? I'm a trusted, Independent RV Consultant that gets paid by the dealer (not you) when I bring them buyers. In return for the multiple deals I bring them each year, they give me great prices that I get to pass on to you! It makes sense! You get an experienced buyer working for you that only gets paid when you buy! That means that I will work hard to get you a deal you'll love so that we both win! You get your RV for less, the dealer gets a new customer (you) and I get paid by the dealer. We all win!

Why should you trust RVforLess?
First, my service is free to you. There's very little risk in FREE, wouldn't you agree? I'm paid by the dealers, not my clients, so it's a win-win situation for you, me and the dealer!

Second, with years of experience and the right connections, I know exactly where to go to save you money. I have several sources standing by and ready to make some great deals. Why? Because I bring them RV buyers on a regular basis. The relationships and trust that I've built over the years will result in a benefit to you with big savings!

Think about it: It could take you months of work, tedious searching and expensive long-distance phone calls to accomplish what I'll do for you in less than 48 hours! Now, that just doesn’t make sense. Plus, my service is completely free to you and 100% Guaranteed, so there’s no risk for you.

Here are two, quick & easy, no-risk services
I have available to help you:

1. My FREE Better-Quote Service: You already have a quote from a dealer and you would like me to get you a better quote at no cost, risk, or obligation to you! If this is you, click here to read more.

2. My "3 Quotes in 3 Days" Service: You don't have a quote yet and you want to save time and money. I'll get you 3 quotes in 3 business days (or less) for just $299 or it's free! If this is you, click here to get more information.

Recent examples of how I was able to save  my clients a lot of money!

Matthew in TX wanted a Holiday Rambler
MSRP: $289,108.00
My best price: $221,000.00
Matthew's savings off MSRP: $68,108.00

Jack in CA wanted a Alfa See Ya
MSRP: $193,000.00
His best Quote so far: $170,000.00
My best price: $157,999.00
Savings off Jack's quote: $23,000.00
Savings off MSRP: $35,001.00

Pam in CA was looking for a Winnebago
MSRP: $98,443.00
My best Quote for Pam: $77,000.00
Pam's savings off MSRP: $21,443.00


What clients have to say...

"Bob Taylor has been a real encourager, supporter and extremely dependable source of information. He was like a guiding hand through so many questions. I highly recommend Bob for his integrity and experience."
-Cathy B., Cleveland, TN


"I highly recommend Bob to assist you with your RV purchase as he did for me! You will find Bob Taylor dependable and a man of his word!"
-Hugh H., on the road in Texas

PRIVACY POLICY: The examples of price savings above are from real clients of Please understand that I have a strong policy to not disclose too many details (like last names and exact model numbers) to protect the privacy of dealers and clients I work with. RVforLess will never contact the dealer you're working with or compromise your current quote in any way. The information you submit to RVforLess will be help strictly confidential.


To submit your current quote now, click here!

If you don't have a quote yet, I'll get you 3 in 3 days! Click here for more information!

As a fellow RV'er, you have my word that our service will be fast, friendly and risk free!
-Bob Taylor, Founder, RVforLess

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